Admission is ongoing for our Full Stack Motion Graphics course. This course will help you improve your skills and help you earn online. 

Skills are acquired through training. And skill can lead to the pinnacle of success. So don’t waste time, increase efficiency.

Full Stack Motion Graphics
Branding, marketing or promotion, nothing can be imagined without design. Design has a presence in every step of our lives. Students, employees, businessmen all have a need for design for work needs, product promotion, beautiful presentation. Plays, movies, songs, advertisements wherever you go, motion graphics is there. Although motion graphic design is in high demand in the job market, there is still a shortage of skilled people. Keeping everything in mind, everyone will learn motion graphic design training. This will reduce the shortage of skilled designers in the online market as well as in the local market.

Our Course Curriculum
Students will be introduced to Illustrator and After Effects software at the beginning of this course. Through this students will be taught typography, 2D animation, 3D camera movement, logo animation, intro-outro, promotional video making, product video and UI animation. Next will show how to render a video using media encoder software. Everything will be shown in detail so that every student can understand well. Premiere Pro software will show how to arrange the sequences while making a video and render the entire video. A student can become proficient through the entire process. But this requires regular practice. This will be followed by a freelancing session where two of the most popular marketplaces Fiver and Upwork will be taught practically. Through project based learning, each student will develop their portfolio before entering freelancing.

Working with print materials is done through Adobe Illustrator. Usually business cards, letterheads, posters, banners, flyers, brochures, packaging design, CV design, logo design and many other works are done with Illustrator. Each learning will be project based. Through this, students will get a clear understanding of the use of various tools while learning the work, which will help them to remember for a long time. One of the biggest advantages of project based learning is that students can create designs for portfolios as they learn skills. This can go a long way. Photo editing with photoshop, background removal and print material works are taught in photoshop. Besides UI design, PSD template design is done with Photoshop.

Is the course for you?

Are you a housewife?

Many educated housewives want to earn some income in addition to housework. But even if they want to, they cannot join any job or business due to various problems. Freelancing can be the most suitable medium for them. A housewife can earn and create an identity by acquiring IT skills by working daily or at convenience.

Are you an entrepreneur?

No matter what business you're in, you'll need a variety of IT services. If you have a good work idea of your own, you can do it successfully through others. But if you don't have any IT skills yourself, it will be very difficult to succeed in any business or new idea nowadays.

Are you an employee?

At present, many working people are struggling to meet all their needs. Many may not want to do a job, but want to do something of their own. Many may want to use the hours after work. If you give time for 3/4 hours every day, everyone will learn that it is possible to meet your additional income needs by learning work through any IT course and freelancing.

Are you a student?

There is no doubt that a practical education in IT work along with studies will brighten a student's present and future and provide various opportunities or job opportunities. Rather, many students want to work part-time in addition to their studies. If skilled in IT, a student can work in the international market along with studies and bear the cost of his own studies.

Special support system for students
Students at different times want to know more details after classes on different topics. Assignments given in class can get stuck somewhere. With a little support at this time, they can complete the work successfully. After the course, the client also needs support while working. Therefore, IT Career Solutions has organized a special support system for all its students. This support will be provided completely free of charge for lifetime.

Online live support

Every day at specific times students can join the support platform by clicking on the designated support link and mentors will be there to provide live support. Mentors will also help by sharing their screen or through Skype calls.

Offline support

Any student of IT Career Solutions be it online live course or offline course. You can visit the IT Career Solutions campus from 9 am to 10 pm for support. The work can be understood directly from the mentor sitting at the support center in the campus.

Get in Touch
If you have any questions or want to know anything, be sure to fill out the form below. Our skilled representative will assist you with correct information for all your queries. We sincerely apologize for the delay in answering your questions due to the occasional busy schedule of our representatives. Until then, keep visiting our Facebook page and Facebook group.


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